Core Values

Our core values describe the personality of our brand and are the constant traits: the unchanging elements that make The Winning Formula® as unique as a fingerprint.


Our passion for everything connected to performance underpins our approach to how we do business. From the design and delivery of our development solutions to the commitment and service promise to our customers, the need to set and achieve goals which can be easily measured is important to us.

The need to perform keeps us focused on what’s most important to our clients – positive outcomes and outstanding performance results.


We believe in the maxim ‘simple is powerful’. In a marketplace often dominated by mysticism, jargon and theory over experience, we are committed to delivering development solutions using simple, easily understood methods which we know work successfully in the ‘real world’.

That’s not to say theory isn’t important (to some people). But we’ve always found that in today’s fast paced world, more and more individuals want to know what works, rather than why.

Time spent sifting through information is far less effective than having a box of practical tools which can be applied as and when they’re needed. We provide those tools, demonstrate how to use them, and the results speak for themselves.

Everything we do is based on research, observation, testing, experience and sharing best practice.


Linking performance and pragmatism is the need to constantly look at ways to inspire everyone connected with our business.

Here, inspiration describes the high-octane approach to all aspects of our way of working

The Winning Formula® performance framework and the range of development solutions underpinning it are designed to inspire individuals to learn, grow, develop and be the best they can be.