Are you ready for the next giant leap?

For the past three decades I have been supporting leaders of fast growing and high-growth companies navigate the challenges facing them on their journeys; and helping them deliver their ambitious performance goals and objectives.

However, I’m not here to teach you to suck eggs. You’ve most likely been on a bit of a journey already. You’ll have grown your company to a high level and you’ll be looking to take that next step.

The chances are that you’ve spoken to your Accountant, read a few books on the subject and talked to people like KPMG, maybe even to private Equity Investors. You’ve done all of this because you’re looking to take your company on a transformation to what it could truly become.

The problem is that they all have their own fixed approach. This usually means that they’ve tried applying you to their programme, instead of designing a growth journey around your unique situation. This is frustrating and time wasting for you, but understandable when you think about it.

As the saying goes, “When all you have is a big hammer, every new client looks like a nail”.

My approach is totally unique, robustly proven and will be completely bespoke to your organisation’s circumstances and goals.

All that I ask is that you can answer ‘YES’ to the following statements:

  • You are a fast growing and high-growth business and you are different to others in your sector.
  • You understand your market and carry out informal research to keep up to date with the demands and expectation of your customers.
  • You specialise in your sector and support that specialism with a proven business model that generates recurring revenues across different channels.
  • You engender a collaborative, communicative and empowering culture.
  • You have a clear vision, sense of purpose, and focus on where you want to take your organisation.
  • You are adaptable and responsive to change and any emerging trends.

Answering ‘Yes’ to these statements means that we will be on the same page. You will have developed your company successfully and are now ready for the next stage of its evolution. Your company has advanced to such an extent that I can start to add value from the very start.

Don’t lose sight of the fact that, it’s not just your organisation that’s changing; the world is changing too. Right now there are many factors impacting the future performance of your business.

A chaotic world of opportunity awaits

Hidden behind each of these 12 pressure points are real opportunities for organisational growth, to lead the new order and to dictate the business landscape.

Disruption and uncertainty is the perfect environment for growth – but only if you and your organisation are ready to grab that opportunity. Otherwise it’s a frightening place that will ultimately see the demise of countless businesses, who weren’t as robust as they thought, who didn’t prepare for all eventualities and who don’t have a road map to deal with change and the opportunities that it creates.

Are you really ready for it?

I would also say from the outset, that delivering growth in a changing and uncertain world is not for the faint hearted. It’s for the kind of entrepreneurial leaders who only see the opportunity and the competitive advantage gained by going where others fear to go.

Not only does it take you to recognise that you need expert guidance, it also demands commitment, real ambition, self-belief and courage.

I have spent the last three decades working alongside, or in the background, with entrepreneurs, founders, CEO’s, and directors of fast-growing companies. Although I have helped with start-ups and early-stage growth companies, my best work is with high-growth 50-250 employee businesses. Where I have pioneered the use of performance frameworks as a method of leading, inspiring, managing and delivering growth.

A growth focused, people centric approach.

Over the years I have designed and written an unrivalled suite of development solutions. Focused upon the formation and implementation of organisational growth, as well as motivating and including existing teams on every step of that journey. From workbooks, toolkits and courses, every aspect of how I work with you is designed to improve the skillset, operational efficiency, and high-performance capability of your organisation.

The one thing that I have noticed over the years of delivering successful growth journeys is that high-growth companies are unique organisations, often sharing the same fundamental challenges. Perhaps you are familiar with having to balance an increased demand for your products and services, against the constraints of having to deliver that with your current resource levels.

It’s through my eyewitness accounts of these journeys that I have been able to develop practical solutions that deliver immediate and positive results for the organisations I work with.

My three decades of coalface experience is unrivalled in the industry, giving me the significant advantage of having seen almost everything you will no doubt face on your growth journey; and being here to share my experience, insight, and solutions with you and your company.