The last thing you want are ‘the good old days’

In 2020 the world changed. The established ways of operating any business got swept away with all the plans for the coming year. Opportunities that were never on the radar are now fabulous realities. Digital is the new marketplace, fuelled by the colossal impact of Covid-19 and the accelerated change in the move from traditional consumption to digital consumerism.

Throw away your old management books.

As I promise you they can’t possibly apply to the new world order. Whilst you’re at it, throw out the consultants that are still trying to force you to fit into their approach. The ones who won’t share the secrets, but will hold things back so they extend your reliance upon them.

In short, if any consultant you are considering tries to apply pre-2020 processes to your growth, show them the door. You’re looking for dynamic and current advice and help. Someone with the answers to the challenges of the future, not stories of the good old days and tales of what you need to do to your organisation to fit it in with their monolithic model.

If it’s not me that you choose to partner with, then just make sure that it is someone who is also relevant to today’s world.

Let me share some decision-making secrets

Although every growth journey is as unique as a fingerprint, I’ve noted that all of my clients faced the same six dilemmas when it came to deciding if they needed external help in the first place; and who to approach for the most successful outcome.

So I’m going to tell you, what I always say to them.

There are six golden considerations. Click on each icon below.