Vision Statement

The Winning Formula® vision is to be recognised as the leading business performance framework used by ambitious, growing organisations throughout the UK.

The framework will help leaders and managers understand the ‘human performance’ challenges facing them on their unique journey and enable them to navigate their way successfully by developing their knowledge, skills and confidence.

Using The Winning Formula® will help leaders to reach the next level of growth and build agile, successful and sustainable organisations.

Inspiring other individuals to join them on their journey and to then play a significant and personal part in maximising their potential are also important outcomes and benefits.

The framework will be supported by a range of flexible performance solutions designed to create inspirational leaders, execute strategy, manage change, increase efficiency, improve people engagement levels and create an empowered, confident and high-performing workforce with each client organisation.

Our core values – inspiration, pragmatism and performance – will underpin the continuous development and delivery of The Winning Formula®.

Achieving ‘leader status’ for the brand will require the development of long term relationships with like-minded associations, bodies and organisations committed to the same objective – creating agile, successful and sustainable organisations.

New market opportunities will be identified – including outside of the UK – and strategies put in place to maximise the commercial potential of the framework.

We will actively seek partners who wish to work with us to realise the potential for The Winning Formula®.

The ambitious plans for The Winning Formula® brand will offer significant career and commercial opportunities for individuals with talent, expertise and entrepreneurial flair.

Passionate, experienced and inspirational individuals will be recruited to deliver The Winning Formula® framework and our supporting products to the marketplace.

The measure of our success will be the positive feedback, recommendations and testimonials obtained from clients as a result of using the framework. Our ultimate measure is the recognition achieved as the ‘go to performance brand of choice’ by leaders – to be known as The Winning Formula®.